Scottish Science Centres Network Database (SSCNDB) Project

The Scottish Science Centre Network (SSCN) Database Project is a collaboration between Glasgow Science Centre, Our Dynamic Earth Edinburgh, Satrosphere Science Centre Aberdeen and Sensation Science Centre Dundee to create a centralised education database.

This project aims to standardise and implement a data collection strategy for each science centre. Initially, each centre had an independent database, however, through the standardisation of the data collection strategy, there will be consistency in the information held by each centres. This database system allows users to open a record (for example a school) and see the entire history of visits that the school has made to the various centres. In turn, there will be the ability to report on which schools never visit the centres and those that only occasionally visit. Users will be able to use this information to create management reports as required by the Scottish Government.

Each science centre will have the ability to market key partner agencies and schools through e-mail marketing campaigns generated from the database. In addition, the database will be able to record all marketing communications between each of the science centres so that the centres can undertake collaborative marketing initiatives.

This database will geographically map defined regional (for example, LEA) penetration of school activity for each centre so producing management information that will deliver insight into key areas of provision.

The database system is expandable and allows for future partners to join and contribute and use the database.

The system has being developed by Global Web Limited in partnership with the Scottish Government.